17 November 2011

10 Days Letter Challenge

Assalamuailkum :3
Ini first time sara join challenge and it's from Lettha. Sumpah menarik tengok challenge nie and sara rasa sara patut cuba. Lepas sara buad entry nie, sara mau start day 1 punya :) So kalau korang nak join amik jew gambar yang dekat atas tu okay.

Ini Sara punya :)

Day 1 : Ten Things About Yourself
Day 2 : Ten Things That You Want To Say Right Now
Day 3 : Five Peoples Who Mean A Lot
Day 4 : Four Things That You Never Done
Day 5 : Photo Of Favorite Cartoon
Day 6 : Seven Things That You Do Everyday
Day 7 : Places You Want To Go
Day 8 : Your Live Inspiration
Day 9 : Five Things That You Can't Live Without
Day 10 : Picture Of People That You Love

Sara rasa awak patot cuba yang nie, sebab ianya menarik :D

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