17 November 2011

Day 1 : Ten Things About Yourself

Okay nie first challenge Sara and 10 things about me are :

- My real name Sarah Damia Ahmad Shukri
- Pendek. yup sara memang pendek, okay diam.
- Friendly, i love to make more friend actually.
- Childish. Haha I like it so much .
- Camera lover. suka bila dapat snapshoot. 
- Fashion addict.
- Actually i'm a naughty girl.
- I like to watch a filem.
- I like to smile. 
- Banyak cakap.This my favorite part; HAHA

Okay, nie jelah 10 things about me. Actually nie lah idea yang terlintas dekat kepala sara nie.hehe. 
So challenge 1 done~

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